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On-line 25th February to 24th May.

ArtSpace present their third interactive on-line exhibition. Members offer individual interpretations of the theme. The exhibits range from paintings and mixed media to photography, collage, video and prints.

Much of the work is for sale. Prices and actual sizes are given in the catalogue or via the info tab for any specific artwork
Please note all work is shown at 2 x actual size in this virtual gallery.

Enquiries are welcomed via individual artist’s emails, if given, via the group email
or via our website

Layered Meanings

This interactive online exhibition has now closed.

Please watch our virtual tour archive video below.

An interactive online exhibition by members of ArtSpace.

Online December 1st – February 18th.

The theme “Layered Meanings” has been interpreted in various interesting and thought provoking ways by the 17 artists taking part.  Some have chosen to look at the theme in terms of layering of the painted surface, others have used words and phrases as a starting point to develop different interpretations through visual form.  Painting the changing view from windows and using a historical figure re-imagined as a present day eco-warrior are other themes explored by individuals; another has used imagery from childhood. Some have used the natural world as their visual stimulus for developing imagery based on the earth and nature. The exhibits range from paintings and mixed media to photography, collage, 3D work and prints. There are also ideas and creative responses based on the recent lockdown situation to express thoughts and feelings about the world at large; the pandemic and how it affects us all. 

in the dark – our first interactive on line exhibition

Sorry this interactive exhibition has now closed. Please watch our virtual tour video archive.

ArtSpace Loughborough launch “In the Dark”, our first interactive online exhibition. It will be on-line from 21st September until 21st November.  

The exhibition “In the Dark”, was set up and did actually open at Deda (Derby Dance Centre) in Derby UK back in March but unfortunately, as with many other exhibitions and events which rely on public support, Deda and the exhibition had to, with regret, close its doors. Rather than have the work unseen, it was decided to explore the magic of modern technology and investigate the possibilities of an interactive online exhibition. 

This is a new and exciting departure for ArtSpace Loughborough. One that will hopefully encourage and allow a great many more visitors, not just from the local area but worldwide to see the work that this group of local, professional artists is producing. 

ArtSpace Loughborough are a long-established group of mainly graduate artists living in the Charnwood area who are continuing to work in many different styles and a wide range of media from traditional painting and sculpture to land art, textile fine art and ceramics. Their work is contemporary, sometimes challenging and thought-provoking but always interesting and varied. 

 The theme of “In the Dark” was a title agreed upon some time before the threat of Covid19 was apparent and before it disrupted the lives of everyone in the world. It seems ironic that most of us were actually “In the Dark” as to the effect that this time of lockdown would have on all of our lives. 

The work covers many areas. Aspects of psychological feelings of being in the dark about situations, the darkness of night and how it affects the landscape and townscape, dancers performing on darkened and artificially lit stages, the darkness at the bottom of a river bed. The range of work is diverse and individual and there should be something for everyone’s taste or imagination to dwell on. 

In The Dark @ Déda

Déda Dance & Performance Centre, Derby

13th March – 9th May 2020 

ArtSpace  has opened an exhibition titled ‘In the Dark’ at Déda, Derby’s Dance & Performance Centre. 

The show was scheduled to run from 13th March to 9thMay. However, with the current Covid19 emergency Deda is now closed to the public and the future is uncertain.

In addition to this page you can view some of the work on our exhibition page here.

Beryl Miles

Twenty-two members of the group produced a variety of work in different media on the theme. Some are dramatic night scenes and others show more nuanced relationships between light and dark. A number of artists have interpreted the title in a psychological way: being ‘in the dark’ implies lack of knowledge or even secrets.

Erica Middleton

Nature features in much of the art. Erica Middleton has small nocturnes depicting the same river scene on successive clear winter nights. Sally Reayer also uses river imagery, this time the play of light on a river bed. Beryl Miles has an atmospheric painting, verging on abstraction, showing moonlight on the sea, and another of street light on snow. Jemma Rix’s cyanotype prints were inspired by memories of walking through shady woodland with sunlight forcing its way through the canopy. Jonathan Palmer’s photographic prints hint at the past in present nature. Anna Michalska’s abstract work is inspired by the shapes and colours of nature. 

Sally Reayer
Beryl Miles
Jonathan Palmer

There are art works which explore states of being. Pam Everard’s ‘Dreamtime’ depicts the period between dusk and dawn, including dreaming. Judith Eason’s paintings are evocations from periods of significant transition in her life. 

Pam Everard

A number of the artists play with stories and ambiguity. The women in Kate Hooper’s mixed media monoprints are deliberately enigmatic and dreamlike. There seem to be secrets between the people in Mary Byrne’s film noir-inspired narratives. Alison Folland’s pieces, using materials as diverse as maps and music scores, tell stories with layers of different memories and thoughts. Mary Austin references Dylan Thomas’s ‘Under Milk Wood’ in her oil painting ‘Captain Cat Dreams’. 

Kate Hooper
Ingrid Kleins-Daniels

As befits the venue, Ingrid Kleins-Daniels and Jacqueline Palmer are influenced by dance. Ingrid tries to capture the semi-abstract shapes and fleeting impressions of dancers’ movements onstage. Jacqueline sees dance as a link between body and spirit. 

Tony Thory’s composite photograph ‘Eclipse’ references society’s lack of vision as the world plunges into a new period of mass extinction.

Tony Thory

‘In the Dark’Déda Dance & Performance Centre, 19 Chapel St, Derby DE1 3GU. 

Tel: 01332 370911. 


New Venue for Annual Art Fair.

The local art group ArtSpace Loughborough is delighted to announce that their annual art fair is on the move- the art fair which ran for 10 years in Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall is relocating this autumn to Loughborough. This year the event will take place over the weekend of 26th and 27th October at the Rosebery Community Centre, on Storer Road.

With 11 members taking part, the group will be exhibiting many art forms include paintings, drawings, ceramics, textiles, photography, fine art prints, collage and digital prints. The group will also be joined by 5 guest artists who have been specially selected to compliment the work of the group.

Do come and join us- it is the perfect place to find an original, unique work of art by a professional artist at an affordable price. Many of the artists will be attending the event in person, so it is also an excellent opportunity to meet them and discuss their work.

All of the works will be for sale with prices starting at £2.00 for an original handmade card; limited edition prints from £25; and many original pieces being priced under £100.With hundreds of pieces to be browsed, there will be something to suit all tastes and pockets, and with Christmas fast approaching you could a snap up the ideal gift for a loved one.

Doors are open from 10am to 5pm both days. Entry is free. Handmade cakes and refreshments will be also be available, the proceeds of which will be donated to the British Legion Poppy Appeal. Last year over £100 was raised- the group are hoping to top this figure and will be baking furiously to ensure a range of delectable bakes are there for your enjoyment.

ArtSpace in Nuneaton

“Delight in Disorder” the current exhibition by 16 ArtSpace members opened on the 9th July at the Nuneaton Museum and Gallery. The show is an exciting mix of paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, ceramic pieces and assemblages which reflect the individuals’ responses to this George Eliot inspired theme.

The Museum and Gallery are open 6 days a week (closed on Mondays) and is just a 40-minute drive from Loughborough. The Museum is on the edge of a large park and has a café which makes it an ideal place to visit over the summer holidays. 

The exhibition runs until 15th September.

ArtSpace @ Timber

‘Earth’ Workshop at Timber Festival

The willow Earth and workshops based around it, initially part of the May 27th ‘Sculpture in the Woods day’, were successfully staged at the Timber festival over the 5th-7th July. We were able to rebuild the earth structure at Timber and run an extended set of workshops there. Visitors were encouraged to write positive healing thoughts on ribbons of muslin to hang in the ‘Earth” – these became symbolic roots to protect the Earth as well as acting like prayer flags to take these messages away on the wind. Adults and children took part in this, writing, then tying their message in the Earth. Over the weekend more strips were added to the installation, a space where visitors could go inside, read positive thoughts and contemplate our place in nature.

It became particularly beautiful in the evening as the sun set through the willow, illuminating the colours in the muslin, as they moved in the wind. We installed some of the tree spheres from the outwoods in adjacent trees, and ran 2 drop in workshops to make small willow earths. These ran over both afternoons and proved very popular. In the mornings we held sewing workshops, sewing meditative words on prayer flags to take away. Both these were for adults and older children, or families working together. Around 130 people wrote on muslin, 60 people made a willow sphere and 10 people sewed prayer flags.

trail workshops attract 100 ‘s …..

ArtSpace workshops at the Into The Outwoods Sculpture Trail were declared a great success. Despite the challenging weather at the sculpture trail opening event, around 700 visitors, adults, children and families, worked together and enjoyed getting creative willow weaving, felting, monoprinting, making woodland mobiles and weaving yarn. Hundreds more attended the ‘Sculpture in the woods day’, with workshops taking place at 5 locations along the trail.

Here are a few photographs to remember the occasion ……

Drop-in Workshop.
Drop-in Workshop.

Up to 30,000 visit ArtSpace Sculpture Trail !

Over six weeks this spring an estimated 20,000 – 30,000 visitors experienced the ArtSpace ‘Into The Outwoods Sculpture Trail’.

Nita Rao completed 20 days working as ‘artist in residence’ in the Loughborough Outwoods. In addition 13 commissions were given to local charnwood artists, mostly ArtSpace members, to add to Nitas’ residency work to make a mile and a quarter long trail.

Continue on this blog to take a virtual walk along the trail and see what some of the visitors thought ……

Click here to visit Nita Rao Art to see some of her more ephemeral work from her residency.

“Wonderful seeing a very familiar site a fresh. Great for dealing with anxiety. Loved the variety and sensitivity to natural surroundings”

Keeper of the Woods – Nita Rao

I loved the stunning willow sculptures. They all looked magnificent against the wooded surroundings. I also loved spotting the tree men. It made me look up at the trees and their structures above me. I also loved the Earth sculpture with the ribbon messages to help protect our Earth. It was inspiring. I look forward to next year’s event. This event has brought so many people into the woods and together. It encourages creativity and togetherness. Thank you

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

“I enjoyed all the sculptures but particularly liked looking for the 42 tree people, have been twice & only found 34, will need to go again!”

Jack Russel – Lisa Denham

“Wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting. Inspiring and thought provoking and my two year old grandchild loved looking for the tiny people”

Spirit Of The Woods – Nita Rao

“What a fabulous opportunity to see these pieces placed in natural woodland. Very inspirational”

Caged and Confused – Sarah Green

“This was wonderful. Attempted on Sunday but far too busy. Had the woods to myself Monday evening. Gorgeous thanks”

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

“We came 2 weeks running even though it was raining didn’t stop us it was brilliant loved it please thank everyone for their hard work”

Centipede – George Turner-Denham

“Thank you to everyone, we love the trail and looking forward to next year”

Peacock – Lisa Denham

“We thoroughly enjoyed the sculpture trail and highly recommended friends and family to visit. Looking forward to next year’s art installations. We thought it was absolutely amazing!! Well done to everyone involved!!”

Peacock – Lisa Denham

“Great that the trail was able to engage the children, the discovery. The sculptures fitted so well with the setting”

Ashes to Glazes – Erica Middleton

“Great that so many families were engaging with it”

Ashes to Glazes – Erica Middleton

“Lots of activities, friendly people, open community vibe, creative. I adored ‘back to nature’ and loved ‘Persephone returns’. I really enjoyed it.”

Owl – Lisa Denham

“Clear labels, wonderfully organic, blended in with woodland colours, eclectic designs, love the spider webs”

Owl – Lisa Denham

“Bringing nature & art together, was beautiful. Got to meet some of the artists and take part in a trail with them”

Taking Root – Nita Rao

“Loved the varied sculptures and also that most you could touch or walk through”

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

“the sculptures seemed part of the surrounding nature”

Aspire – Rooted in the Earth, Reaching for the Stars – Nita Rao

“We saw the woods in a new way. Workshops great. Wonderful and engaging as a family”

Aspire – Rooted in the Earth, Reaching for the Stars – Nita Rao

“All superb. Excellent that it was so good for adults and not just geared for children”

Persephone returns -Jacqueline Palmer

“Wonderful the way the artworks complimented the beautiful woods and the pieces that really made you think about our impact on the natural world”

Persephone returns -Jacqueline Palmer

“Loved the whole experience – finding things hidden away was great”

Persephone returns -Jacqueline Palmer

“Quality, variety, interest, creativity. An outstanding event”

This Tenuous Earth -Jacqueline Palmer

“Wonderful diversity of sculptures, very thought provoking”

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

“Suitable for all ages including children”

Woodland Webs – Judith Eason

“Every little thing was an absolute delight”

Woodland Webs – Judith Eason

“great sculptures – the ‘little people’ made you look up and look in places you normally don’t see!”

Woodland Webs – Judith Eason

“Wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting. Inspiring and thought provoking”

Nita Rao – willow sphere

“Apart from the beautiful artwork I have to say that looking for tree people was excellent fresh air fun for young and old alike”

Circle of Renewal – Nita Rao

“Great sculptures in a lovely spot. Workshops were V good”

Framing The Woods -MakeSpace Step-Up project

“Wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting”

Framing The Woods -MakeSpace Step-Up project

“Inspiring and thought provoking”

Framing The Woods – MakeSpace Step-Up project

“Looking forward to next year’s”

Changing Times – Susheel Rao
Changing Times – Susheel Rao
Open Cycle – Nita Rao

“We thought it was absolutely amazing!! Well done to everyone involved!!”

Open Cycle – Nita Rao

“fantastic walk through Into the Outwoods Sculpture Trail today. Well worth a visit”

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

“‘people of the trees’ made us look upwards thereby gaining so much more of the experience of walking the trail”

Leaping Horse – Jo Sheppard

“I loved the stunning willow sculptures”

Leaping Horse – Jo Sheppard

“Wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting. Inspiring and thought provoking”

… Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle, Susan West

“Great that the trail was able to engage the children, the discovery. The sculptures fitted so well with the setting”

Back to Nature – Sue Barry and Susan West
Back to Nature – Sue Barry and Susan West
Back to Nature – Sue Barry and Susan West

“Wonderful to experience sculpture in such a beautiful setting. Inspiring and thought provoking and my two year old grandchild loved looking for the tiny people”

Gaurdian Angels – Nita Rao
Gaurdian Angels – Nita Rao
Changing World – Nita Rao
Changing World – Nita Rao
Tree Sphere installation – Nita Rao
Tree Sphere installation – Nita Rao
Tree Sphere installation – Nita Rao
People of the Trees – Nita Rao
Women May Hold Up Half The Sky – Alison Folland
“Made you look, made you stare” – Pam Everard
“Made you look, made you stare” – Pam Everard
Unity Of Time – Nita Rao

“Great that the trail was able to engage the children, the discovery. The sculptures fitted so well with the setting”

Unity Of Time – Nita Rao

“We came 2 weeks running even though it was raining didn’t stop us it was brilliant loved it please thank everyone for their hard work”

People of the Trees – Nita Rao

Into The Outwoods Sculpture Trail

Next free drop-in Workshops 27th May – Get creative this Spring at the Into The Outwoods Sculpture Trail !

Quick Visitor Survey

If you have visited the Sculpture Trail and/or taken part in our drop-in workshops please complete this quick survey for us. It will help us feedback to our sponsors, help with funding for future projects and help us provide better projects. Thank you very much! 

How to find us ….

ArtSpace are inviting the public to come along to the Loughborough Outwoods on 27th May for our ‘Sculpture in the Woods Day’. Get creative in a series of free sculpture drop-in workshops spread along the Sculpture Trail. Eight drop-in trail-based workshops will run between 10.30am and 4.30pm allowing visitors to both make work to take home as well as work on a larger collaborative piece to remain on the trail.

Workshops will aim to inspire, engage and challenge adults, young people and children, enhancing their opportunity to experience and be inspired by the sculpture trail and reconnect with this ancient woodland. Try felting a pebble or contribute to making a fantasy woodland landscape using clay and natural woodland materials. You will also be able to make your own fish from willow withies and much more. The full program for the ‘Sculpture in the Woods Day’ is posted below.

Back to Nature, Sue Barry and Susan West

The workshops are all part of the Into The Outwoods Sculpture Trail, an ArtSpace initiative which will see a 1 1/4 mile sculpture trail weave its way through the Outwoods for 6 weeks, from 27th April to 9th June. Find the ‘Keeper of the Woods’, giant felted bluebells, willow tree spheres, an owl, jumping willow horse and much more! 

Jack Russel, Lisa Denham

Twelve commissioned artists created and installed their work in the woods over the Easter holiday period, 15-26th April, allowing visitors to observe the process and talk with the artists. Work is figurative as well as abstract, using natural materials, felt, willow, ceramic and metal.

Peacock, Lisa Denham

The opening event for the sculpture trail on the 27th and 28th April was a great success despite the howling gale at the start. It included two days of free public drop-in workshops.

Aspire-Rooted in the Earth, Reaching for the Stars, Nita Rao
… Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle, Susan West

ArtSpace are a Charnwood based group of professional and semi-professional artists that formed in 1997. The Project has been generously supported by Arts Council England, The National Forest and Charnwood Borough Council. 

May 27th Workshop Programme

Create a mini landscape 10.30 – 1.00 with Lisa Denham

Come and join in a collaborative workshop and help to create a mini landscape. Add as much or as little as you want using clay and things found in the woods. The woods will be the inspiration, the creatures that could be found there, or ones from your imagination.

Don’t Mess with Mother Earth 10.30 – 1.00 with Jacqueline Palmer

Re-using the material of the piece which is imbued with the elements Air, Water, Fire (Sun) , Earth and Spirit, this workshop expresses respect for the environment and will contribute to its protection through your Memory Bundle.

Earth 10.30 – 1.00 and 2.00 – 4.30 with Nita Rao

Help create roots to symbolically heal and hold our Earth together. Write down positive thoughts on ribbons of muslin and tie them inside the willow ‘Earth’. Wrap branches and twigs to create trees to take home as a reminder of these healing thoughts.

Felting with found objects 10.30 – 1.00 and 2.00 – 4.30 with Susheel Rao

Come and play with felting! Find a fallen stick, a stone or something similar and cover all or part with felt. We will have some pebbles if you prefer, a selection of coloured wools, and warm water to felt it all.

Make a fish with willow withies 10.30 – 1.00 and 2.00 – 4.30 with Jo Sheppard

In this workshop you will use willow withies and recycled materials to make two and three dimensional fish.

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