Odyssey to Stamford 1st – 18th June 2017

Our latest exhibition is at the Stamford Arts Centre

1st to 18th June 2017


18 members of the artists’ group Artspace Loughborough explore the theme of ‘Odyssey’. Each artist has responded differently and with a variety of media to the theme of a journey.

Several artists have chosen to explore actual journeys: narrow boat journeys in central England, photos from a train in India, the journeys of refugees to a safer life, Australian aboriginal songlines, wallpaper seen in an old cottage in New Zealand, shoes and other objects that remind us of travel.

Some journeys are imagined: the possible aftermath of a shipwreck, the exploits of a travelling circus.

Other work has a more metaphorical quality: the artist’s own journey to develop their art or to find meaning.




Gainsborough’s house in Sudbury

I went to Sudbury, Suffolk recently, to see Gainsborough’s house.  Very interesting – we devised a slightly alternative version of his life, piecing together the concrete information.  I reckon he had quite a stressful working life, going to London early on (the right place for middle-class patrons) – whilst there he would have been obliged to get a posh studio in the right area whether he could afford it or not – posh clients wouldn’t want to be seen in a poor area.  Then he went to Bath – maybe that was a bit cheaper, but still posh – we wondered why he moved?  Then he returned to Sudbury and we wondered if that meant difficulties, not only in terms of making ends meet, but also he wasn’t entirely in line with Joshua Reynolds, the first principle of the R.A.  Looks like his brother (who had made enough money to live elsewhere) moved out and allowed him & family to live in the house their father had originally bought.  Looks like Gainsborough felt under pressure to keep up appearances as it were, and we did notice an increase of more ordinary local people in later portraits, so maybe he felt he had to take whatever work he could.  What really inspired him though was aristocratic ladies with a bit of va-va-vroom, like ‘Mary, Countess Howe’ – now there was a fabulous woman!

Gainsborough's house
Gainsborough’s house

Belonging to the Group

I have been a member of Artspace Loughborough for a decade now having been a member, moving abroad,  and come back so I thought it apt to write a few lines about belonging to an art group.

As artists, we tend to work in a fairly solitary manner. However in order to evolve, it is essential we communicate with like-minded people every so often,  to support one another and divulge ideas.

One thing which I particularly like about being part of the group,  is the diversity of  the work of our group members. We often have positive critiquing sessions before we collectively exhibit. These are useful, insightful meetings where we show our work, conceptually, part way through, or finished and talk it through with others.

Skill sharing is another positive feature,  which allows us as artists to evolve.  We all use a wide variety of media,  and can learn and share other skills on a didactic level as well as really useful things like setting up an exhibition (and all the jobs it entails!)


We all share a common interest which is a love of art in all of its’ forms. I highly recommend to anyone who is considering it. Find your tribe and stick to them.

Anna Michalska

Winifred Nicholson exhibition

Winifred Nicholson's daffodils
Winifred Nicholson’s daffodils

This is a fabulous retrospective of ben Nicholson’s first wife at Djanogly Gallery at Nottingham University.  First and foremost she was a terrific colourist, and also as an older person I found her inspirational as she remained so inspired, positive and interested in all things beautiful.    Her subjects are often flowers, typically in a jar on a window sill, but then she was left with four children to look after while Ben went off with Barbara Hepworth – so are we surprised her subjects are often home-based?  Anyway, I found the colour a real WOW!  It’s inspirational, and her flowers are thick gutsy affairs, playing beautifully against the immediate surroundings.  There are also her letters (nice friendly open handwriting). This show lifts the spirits – and it’s free.

ART FAIR 12th & 13th November


Autumn Art Fair in Woodhouse Eaves.

The artists’ group ArtSpace Loughborough will be holding their annual art fair in Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall (Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves) on Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th November. This year a total of 19 artists will be taking part. Many art forms will be shown including paintings, drawings, printmaking,
sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photographs and digital prints. All of the works will be for sale with prices starting at £2.00 for an original handmade card; limited edition prints from £25; and many original pieces being priced under £100. With hundreds of pieces to be browsed, there will be something to suit all tastes and pockets, and with Christmas fast approaching you could a snap up the ideal gift for a loved one.

Additionally, to the art fair, the group is running its fourth annual art competition for pupils from the village primary, St. Paul’s. The competition this year is to design a t-shirt for The Beacon Country Park May Day Challenge.

Doors are open from 10am to 4pm both days. Entry is free.

Handmade cakes and refreshments will be also be available, the proceeds of which will be donated to the British Legion Poppy Appeal. Last year over £100 was raised- the group are hoping to top this figure and will be baking furiously to ensure a range of
delectable bakes are there for your enjoyment.

Pam will be exhibiting at Newarke Houses Museum with the LSC

The Leicester Sketch Club will be holding it’s Annual Exhibition at Newarke Houses Museum in Leicester from the 10th to the 15th September 2016.  The Preview will be on 10th Sept from 2 – 4pm.

Reflection is nearly here

Artspace’s latest exhibition called Reflection will be opening at Charnwood Museum, Loughborough this Friday, 20th May 2016.

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Charnwood Museum Loughborough
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Charnwood Museum Loughborough

Quorn Open Studio

Saturday 14th and Sunday 16th May 2016

10am to 4pm

The artists’ studio, based at the Clearview Business Park, are preparing to open their doors to the publicover the weekend of 14th and 15th of May. If you have not visited before, here you will find an eclectic array of contemporary artworks as a sculptor, painter, photographer and silversmith can be found all under one roof.

Sculptor Nita Rao, painter Jo Sheppard, photographer Tony Thory and silversmith Susheel Rao will be showing their wares and whilst most of the works on show will be for sale, you are more than welcome to come simply to peruse and talk to the artists about their work.

Prices start from £2.50 for an original hand-made card. Limited edition prints start from £30, and as some works come ready framed, they are an ideal Christmas gift. If it’s an original you are after, you can find smaller pieces from £40, with much larger work also being available.

The studio is situated on Loughborough Road (by the traffic lights) in Quorn. Admission is free with doors open from 10am to 4pm. Refreshments will also be available. There is ample parking but please note that access is via stairs.

Passing Through – Meet the Artist, Sat 30th April 10-2

Meet the Artist, 10am – 2pm Sat 30th April
Nita Rao and Tony Thory are taking part in the exhibition ‘Passing Through’ at the new Mountsorrel Heritage Centre, and will be at the Gallery on Saturday with the other participating Artists.


Exhibition continues till 8th May, open every day 10-5

Nita and Tony to exhibit at the Mountsorrel Heritage Centre inaugural exhibition


“Passing Through”

Mountsorrel & Rothley Heritage Centre, Swithland Lane, Rothley, Leics
25th April – 8th May


Six visual artists have collaborated to mount “Passing Through”, an exhibition of contemporary art, in the beautiful new Mountsorrel and Rothley Heritage Centre which is the culmination of the

Mountsorrel railway restoration project.


There are few inventions since the industrial revolution that inspire us in the way that trains and train journeys do. Artists, writers and musicians often turn to railways as a way of symbolising the passage of life’s journey – conjuring up images of adventure, love and hope, loss and sorrow. Views glimpsed and gone forever.

Mountsorrel and the surrounding area epitomises the state of journeying through in a physical sense, dissected as it is, not only by railway tracks, but also canal routes, roads and river, all of which bear the traces of human activity and industry of the past.

With all these ideas in mind, the exhibition explores the emotional and metaphorical potential of journeying, and will include painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and photography. Artists include Sue Barry, Janet Foster, Jacqui Gallon. Nita Rao, Tony Thory and Katherine Moorhouse.

voyage 3

Any enquiries, please contact either Sue Barry at barsue2000@yahoo.co.uk or Jacqui Gallon at jacquigallon@tiscali.co.uk.

Information about the centre can be viewed at heritage-centre.co.uk

passing through poster2