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Pam spent most of her life as an expatriate wife. She had to find activities to keep her sane and this enabled her to study lots of mediums, some unusual ones such as batik, and also the regular ones such as watercolour, oils, pastel. Most influential was probably a 4-year distance learning diploma in Interior Design (not cushions and curtains but technical drawing old style, proportion, shapes, colour balance and so on). It was in Dubai, a very artistically free city, that Pam found she was able find her own style. When this was followed by having 3 paintings displayed in an exhibition at the Dubai Internationl Art Centre and acceptance in galleries when she came back to UK she relised she might have found the right thing for her.

Cornish delight

Just come back from sunny Corwall.  Went to 2 great exhibitions. One was at Kestle Barton gallery near Helson.  An exhibition of Roger Ackling’s Sun Histories which was exciting and all done using a magnifying glass and the sun to scorch wood. A lovely garden and a cafe with an honesty box if you are thirsty after walking Frenchman’s Creek.

The other was at the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro.  Neil Canning.  Very much my sort of thing and wonderfully monochrome with great splashes of vivid colour.