ArtSpace exhibits at Eltham College, London!

‘Passions and Influences’

8th September – 26th October 2009

‘Jemma and Mirrors’
Sally Chisholm
Acrylic and collage on canvas
ArtSpace is exhibiting at Eltham College, London, from 8th September to 26th October.
This exhibition came about through Sally Chisholm, an artist and central figure in ArtSpace, who sadly passed away in 2008. Sally was a friend of Eltham’s Deputy Head who had been to many ArtSpace exhibitions in Loughborough and admired them. He wanted the connection to continue.
ArtSpace chose Passions and Influences as a title to give artists the opportunity to say something about their inspiration and interests in a catalogue and at a Private View on the evening on 7th October.
We are a diverse group which is one of our strengths: we spark ideas off each other. We deliberately decided that most artists would work on the same size of canvas 120cm x 90cm knowing that this might seem uniform but the result would not be!