chris english
Forest of Trapeze Swings, Oil colour on canvas, 48 x 36 inches. © C. English.

Forest of Trapeze Swings

Do you swing from one desperation
To another
In a forest of trapeze swings,
Where creatures jostle among the trees
To survive in life.

Or is life for you a cosy world,
Full of inviting hands,
Open arms and legs, strong enough to hold
All the weight you need.

One can not fly alone for long,
Even though the momentum forces of freedom
Can carry you for just a little while.
Is there a safety net always below for you,
Already full of many pampering cushions
In an assumed world of normality.

Are you confident enough, lucky enough
To have someone always there to catch you,
So much so that the thought of falling
Has never even occurred to you,
Making you oblivious to the plight
Of others.

© C. English