Chris English
Apart, Oil colour on canvas, 48×36 inches. © C. English


Being too busy with impressions of surface realities
To communicate with each other
Until events bound out a glimpse
From positions encountered.
Coming to see one another in a way not noticed before.
Delving within the same furrow of understanding.
Pockets of sharing in an undercurrent of eyes;
Beneath facade worlds.

Becoming aware of the affinity
I see a reason behind your resilience
That has seen through layers,
Where, on one, I still lie.
Your blades of vision
Having furrowed further and deeper
Through a field of time to my patch.
Your invasion of discernment
That sees beyond me, disarms me.
Yet both of us are still only finite.

Our modulations of vision
In combination with circumstance changes us,
There is a unity between us
For only brief moments,
Until we are inevitably shifted on.

© C. English